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Smith Mountain Lake Lure Chat with Skeet Reese

April 27, 2010 4 comments

Skeet power fished when others finessed to win at SML. ( Photo: Seigo Saito / BASS)

Skeet Reese won the 2010 Blue Ridge Brawl on Smith Mountain Lake with a four day catch of 78-01.  He beat his nearest competitor by 15-09 lbs…A win like that in NASCAR that is called lapping the competition.

I caught up with Skeet as he he dodged tornadoes on his way to Florence, AL for the Alabama Charge on Lake Pickwick.

Bo Crawford (bocraw): Heading in to Smith Mountain Lake (SML), you had just lost a tournament by one solitary ounce [which is bad], but also had a commanding lead in the Toyota AOY Race [which is good].  How were you mentally heading in to the SML tournament?

Skeet Reese (Reese): The points lead doesn’t mean anything this early in the season–all you are trying to do is keep yourself in contention for the end of the season.  So going in to Smith Mountain Lake my goal was to have a good performance and a Top 10 finish.  I knew going in the potential of SML—having a history on that lake gave me understanding that allowed me to catch 20 lb bags that I wouldn’t have been able to do before. Read more…

Without a Hitch?–Skeet Wins at Smith Mountain Lake

April 21, 2010 Leave a comment

The Rago SKT Swimmer. Maybe bass just like swimbaits--whether they match a hatch or not. (Photo:

I am scheduled to interview Skeet Reese for a Lure Chat on Saturday.  In anticipation of that interview, I thought I’d share some Skeet related observations with you over the next few days.


It is being reported that Skeet’s weapon of choice for Smith Mountain Lake was a Rago Swimbait in light hitch color.  Sound familiar?  Byron Velvick won the Clear Lake event on a Rago swimbait in a hitch color as well.  With coast to coast, back to back wins Rago swimbaits are going to be in high demand.

But what about this hitch baitfish?  According to Byron, hitch are native to California and are NOT found in Virginia.  It doesn’t sound like Skeet was matching the hatch to me.  Hopefully we will obtain additional details from Skeet come Saturday.

The Heaviest Ounce and other contemplations…

April 8, 2010 3 comments

Will there be sight fishing at Smith Mountain Lake? Bo thinks so...

Smith Mountain Lake – What will the Smith Mountain Lake fish be doing next week when the Elite Series pros hit the lake?  Many experts are predicting that it will not be a sight fishing tournament like it was a year ago.   I will boldly go against the grain here and predict that there will be plenty of fish on the beds by the time the tournament starts.

What is my logic?  Last weekend I fished three different bodies of water here in North Central Alabama; a large reservoir, a medium lake, and a small pond.  All three places had more bass locked on beds than I have ever seen.   Even I could hook a few without spending much time coaxing them–and I am such a pitiful caster that I have to cast twenty times before I can get a plastic near a bed.   Shaw Grigsby, Kelly Jordon, and company would have had a field day catching all these fish.  Read more…

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