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Update to Favorite TV List

March 1, 2010 Leave a comment

Lunkerville features the neighborly and genuine personality of Mike D.

For a change we had some beautiful weather here in Alabama over the weekend.  Unfortunately, I had parental obligations that prevented me from getting out on the lake.  The best I could do to quell my fishing thirst was to catch up on some fishing shows that have filled my DVR for quite some time.  What else was an Armchair Angler supposed to do?

After my weekend of armchair angling, I updated my Favorite TV list.  Here is a summary of the changes: Read more…

Banned! Bo gets booted from Bass Resource forums…

February 5, 2010 34 comments

This post is my take on getting banned from the forums at Bass Resource.  Be forewarned–if you are not familiar with the forums at Bass Resource then this post will probably bore you.

This is one of the oddest post I’ve ever published.  Last night I was banned from the Ultimate Bass Resource Guide‘s forum.

Read more…

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