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Guest Blog to help an Armchair Angler make it through the day

April 23, 2010 2 comments

As a guest blogger, you might help an armchair angler make it through the day.

Armchair anglers suffer from an almost perpetual state of cabin fever. Even when the weather is agreeable the armchair angler feels trapped–kept from following his heart the lake. Odds are the armchair angler is stuck behind a desk, at a soccer game, at one social gathering or another, or worst of all, working on the dreaded honey-do list.  Responsible commitments leave the armchair angler in a constant state of yearning.

Many armchair anglers are one TPS report away from losing his mind!

You can help these poor souls by allowing the armchair anglers to live vicariously through your experiences. We invite you to guest blog with us. We are looking for tackle reviews, tournament or marshal journals, destination info, or your general opinions. Links to other sites are allowed, encouraged even when informational.

Please email submissions to .

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