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Robby Rose Cheating Scandal Update

November 20, 2009 2 comments

Local TV Coverage of Robby Rose Cheating Scandal

Much of the feedback (i.e. backlash) that we have received after our pilot episode has inquired about the current status of the Robby Rose cheating scandal. As of now we have not heard of any arrest or charges being pressed against Mr. Rose. It has been reported that the case is being investigated–but no specifics into the investigation have been released. There is a rumor that biologists are DNA testing the fish in question to determine if it came from Lake Ray Hubbard. Many have speculated that Mr. Rose’s MO was to catch fish from a different lake and somehow weigh them in at tournament waters that have a smaller average fish size. I am disappointed that there are no reports of Rose’s property being searched for further evidence. We will keep you updated. — Bo

12/10/2009 Update: This post is apparently the most popular post on our blog. Click here to hear a round table discussion about the Robby Rose scandal from a panel of fishing journalists.

01/13/2010 Update: In the month’s podcast we get an update on the investigation from Captain Garry Collins of TPWD.

4/14/2010 Update: I suggest clicking this link to find current information on the Robby Rose Cheating Scandal.


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