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2010 AOY is Skeet’s to lose

April 12, 2010 Leave a comment

The 2010 AOY Title is Skeet's to lose. (Photo: Seigo Saito / BASS)

Last week I pointed out that the 2010 Elite Series schedule favors bank beating and doesn’t set-up well for a KVD comeback.  This week Ken Duke (who is possibly the best bass fishing blogger on the net) points out that no-one has come back from fifth place after two tournaments and won AOY.  KVD currently sits in 42nd place.

The bottom line is that things are not looking good for KVD.  However, many of you may recall that in 2006 KVD was disqualified from an event and STILL made a strong push for AOY that year.  If anyone can beat the odds and make a miraculous comeback it is Kevin.

On the other end of the spectrum is Skeet Reese.  Ken points out that, “Reese’s 37-point lead is the second largest in Elite history after two tournaments”.  As bad as things look for KVD, they are looking good for Skeet.

Ken Duke’s posts are generally available to those with a Bass Insider membership.  His current post, “Two Down, Six To Go“, is available to the general public.  Check it out.

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