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Gulf Oil Spill Live Blog – #3

May 2, 2010 6 comments

The oil spill is expected the accelerate the already dramatic land loss in the Louisiana Delta. (Image courtesy of Times Picayune)

05/06/2010 2:44 PM CST:  Here is a video with Dr. Ed Overton, the expert who joined us on this month’s podcast.  He is also featured in a Rachel Maddow video that is being emailed around, but I did not want to subject our readers to that.

05/06/2010 2:08 PM CST: We have released a preliminary episode of our podcast discussing the oil leak.

05/05/2010 8:31 PM CST: Will the oil slick effect bass fishermen?  It already has–at least economically.  What a trip to see Serigne’s marina in the WSJ.  Many a bass has been caught in that area.  On a separate note, it is a amazing how lucky we have been with this thing not coming ashore yet.  The NOAA 48 hour forecast shows it heading to the West of the Mississippi River mouth.

05/05/2010 8:11 PM CST: Are frantic shrimpers killing endangered turtles?  The theory sounds extremely plausible to me…

05/05/2010 8:07 PM CST: It would not surprise me if the pogy kills are a result of the dispersant–the effects of which are largely untested from what is reported.

05/05/2010 3:23 PM CST:  As mentioned earlier, Mike Tidwell, author of Bayou Farewell, was originally scheduled to appear on our podcast to discuss the oil spill, but he basically dumped us for Katie Couric.  (Which is totally understandable–and yes, we were able to find a different big-named guest to fill in.)  Here is the interview Mike did with Katie:

05/05/2010 2:58 PM CSTThis is a very interesting idea.  By diverting fresh water into Lake Pontchartrain, the oil contaminates could hopefully be kept out of the lake.  The most infuriating part of this article is the concern over the freshwater diversion killing oyster beds.  Oyster beds can grow back for goodness sake!  But diverting water into Lake Pontchartrain keeps less water from flowing down to the mouth of the Mississippi River–which is the area that needs all the current they can get since it is the part of the coast closest to the “ground zero”, aka the leak.

05/03/2010 10:04 PM CST: This is an interesting article on the dispersants being used on the oil.  It is basically trading one form of pollution for another.  But what is interesting to me is the lengths they are having to go to to get enough of the actual chemical.

05/03/2010 10:18 AM CST: Famous author Mike Tidwell postponed our podcast recording today so that he could be interviewed by Katie Couric on CBS news instead.  I assume Mike’s people have not explained to him what a high-powered media power The Armchair Anglers Podcast has become–he should have told Katie that he had a more important obligation!

Seriously, we understand Mike’s reasons for rescheduling and look forward to having him on in the near future.  We are working on a “plan b”…

05/03/2010 10:16 AM CST: This geologist at SkyTruth says that this oil spill has already eclipsed the Valdez spill.

05/03/2010 10:44 PM CST: Click to see  NOAA Oil Slick Forecast (1899_TMF24-2010-05-03-1130)

05/03/2010 2:35 PM CST: More good news.

05/03/2010 2:33 PM CST: Our disaster preparedness shines again.

05/03/2010 11:18 AM CST: We have been so fortunate that the oil sheen has not hit the Biloxi marsh so far, at least according to this USA Today map and forecast.   Good news, the wind forecast is favorable so that they will have a chance of actually cleaning some up for the next few days.

05/03/2010 8:58 AM CSTThis article in the WSJ talks about the expected long-term affects on wildlife.  Keep in mind that the WSJ is hardly the Sierra Club’s favorite publication…

05/02/2010 11:34 AM CST: Many are pointing out the the oil spill isn’t really a spill at all–it is a leak.  I concede this point, but am not going to edit previous post to correct.

05/02/2010 11:22 AM CST:  We will be recording our podcast this week.  Please email us questions to ask our panel of experts about the oil spill.  If your email is read on air you will win prizes from Culprit Fishing Products–the new sponsor of our backlash segment.

05/02/2010 11:21 AM CSTDon’t forget to vote in our poll, which ask if this will be the worst eco-disaster in American history.

05/02/2010 10:47 AM CST:  The Louisiana coast is dying because Mississippi River fresh water and sediment is being leveed all the way to the continental shelf, where it is dumped and wasted.  The marsh is dying because it is not built for a salt water only environment.  The Louisiana coast would have a chance of surviving the oil spill if only we would let fresh water mix with salt, so that the area is returned to it’s natural state.   Be you a left wing tree hugger or a right wing blood thirsty hunter, or anyone in between, you should want to preserve the Louisiana coast.

That is why it is so confusing to me why we can’t fund a solution to this mess and give mother nature a chance to fight this oil spill.

This article talks about projects that would give mother nature that fighting chance.

The price tag for the coastal restoration project is 4 Billion dollars.  It was funded with 35.6 million dollars.

Money is flying out the door from Washington at an insane pace, and we can’t pay the bill to save our own land?

I don’t get it.  Consider this:

  • 2010 Federal Budget = 3,552,000,000,000
  • Requested funds = 4,000,000,000

4 billion sounds like a lot of money–and it is.  But you mean the federal government can’t spend .11% (yes, notice the decimal–one tenth of one percent) to fix a problem that the Corps of Engineers caused in the first place?

I don’t get it.

05/02/2010 10:21 AM CST: “So this is going to kill the land that is already dying”, my wife said last night–pretty much summing up the exact situation we are in.  I highly recommend spending seven minutes to view this swish presentation developed by Dan Swenson of the Times Picayune.  That presentation will give you an understanding of the already bad situation before the oil spill made it much worse.  I will post images later but I am having technical difficulties.

This is going to kill the land that is already dying. –Mrs. Crawford

05/02/1010 10:15 AM CST: I use a WordPress plug-in that automatically generates links to “possibly related post” around  You will notice that since the oil spill there are many post floating around the blogosphere cleverly titled “Spill Baby Spill”, which smugly criticize those of us (yes, this includes me) that ever uttered “drill baby drill”.  I call BS on these bloggers.  I didn’t sign up for this, nor did anyone else who dislikes $4 a gallon gas.  Even America’s Wetland–a non-profit organization working to save the Louisiana Delta–recognizes that we need fuel in the modern world.  They reiterated this in a recent statement.

05/02/2010 10:10 AM CST:  The Gulf oil spill is going to be a long-lasting event that we will be watching for months to come.  I will post comments, analysis and links in live-blog format, starting fresh each week.  This marks the third calendar week of the oil spill.   I am going to change the format of the live-blogs so that it reads newest to oldest, the opposite of how I did this during week 2.

From Holy Roller to Convicted Felon: A bass fisherman’s fall from grace – Part 2

April 14, 2010 5 comments

Robby Rose (Photo: Rockwall County)

Part 1 of this series covered the events leading up to Robby Rose getting red-handed caught cheating in a bass tournament.  Part 2 covers the successful investigation and prosecution of Mr. Rose.  I then share my final thoughts on the subject.

In the days after the tournament, the internet was abuzz with talk of Robby Rose getting busted and what it meant.  Naturally, the internet being the internet, misinformation was spread all about.  But there were veins of truth in many online discussions among fishermen.

Robby Rose Speaks

Directly after the tournament, Robby Rose apparently posted a brief apologetic statement on his website stating that he used bad judgment.   Shortly thereafter his website was turned off. Read more…

From Holy Roller to Convicted Felon: A bass fisherman’s fall from grace – Part 1

April 13, 2010 5 comments

For many years Robby Rose had a strong reputation as a talented bass angler who was successful in many Texas tournaments.  This all changed last October when Mr. Rose was disqualified from a tournament after officials discovered a 16 oz weight in his fish’s stomach.

Very little information was made public about the case in the past six months.  Many armchair anglers stated that the right thing to do is to withhold judgment until Mr. Rose had a chance to tell his side of the story in court.  Mr. Rose had the opportunity to tell his side this morning.

Today, April 13, 2010, Robby Rose of Garland, TX pled guilty to the charge of Attempted Theft over $20,000 but less than $100,000 in Rockwall County Texas Court.  The charge is a “state jail felony” that will mar Mr. Rose’s record for the rest of his life. Read more…

Robby Rose Pleads Guilty

April 13, 2010 5 comments

Robby Rose pled guilty today in the Texas cheating incident we have been following.  His sentence will be:

  • 5 years probation
  • 15 days in jail
  • No fishing license for 5 years

Details to follow…

UPDATE: 4/13/2010, 1:35 PM

I just wanted to add that I have verified the above with TPWD officials and with the Rockwall County DA’s Office.  Mr. Rose will pay a $3,000 fine and perform community service in addition to items listed above.  I will post a full story this evening.  Interview with Captain Garry Collins TPWD will be featured on our forthcoming podcast to be released soon.  — Bo Crawford

UPDATE 4/13/2010, 1:57 PM

This is a press release from the Rockwall county DA’s office:


April 13, 2010

On April 13, 2010, Robby Rose pled guilty and was sentenced to five years probation for the state jail felony offense of Attempted Theft over $20,000 but less than $100,000.  In addition, Mr. Rose will be required to serve 15 days in jail and was ordered to surrender his fishing license for the duration of his probation.

Mr. Rose, a well known competitive fisherman, competed in the 2009 Bud Light Trail Big Bass Tournament on Lake Ray Hubbard on October 24, 2009.  The grand prize for the competition was a $55,000 Legend bass boat and would be awarded to the fisherman who caught the largest fish based on weight.  Midway through the competition, Mr. Rose submitted a fish to win that prize.  Upon weigh-in and inspection, tournament officials discovered a one pound lead weight in the belly of the fish.

Mr. Rose was subsequently investigated by Texas Parks and Wildlife Department game wardens, and the case was filed as a felony by the Rockwall County Criminal District Attorney’s Office.  “We took this case very seriously,” said Kenda Culpepper, Rockwall County Criminal District Attorney.  “As far as we were concerned, the case was about a $55,000 bass boat, not a ten pound fish.”  Alex Imgrund, lead prosecutor, said that the facts of the case had garnered interest from sources as far away as Ontario, Canada.  “Cheating is cheating, and the fishing community, nor this office, will tolerate it.”

Rockwall County Criminal District Attorney’s Office
1101 Ridge Road, Ste. 105
Rockwall, Texas  75087
(972) 204-6800 (ofc)
(972) 204-6809 (fax)

UPDATE: April 13, 2010, 8:50 PM

I have posted part 1 of a 2 part post .  After part two I am done with the whole Robby Rose subject until I have the chance to talk to Robby himself.

UPDATE: April 14, 2010, 12:43 PM

I have revised Part 1 of a post I put up last night entitled “From Holy Roller to Convicted Felon: A bass fisherman’s fall from grace“.  The revision includes additional details of the irregularities BLT officials found with Robby Rose’s fish.

UPDATE: April 14, 2010, 4:53 PM

I was just interviewed by Richard Abshire with the Dallas Morning News.  Apparently he landed an interview with Robby Rose and will publish his comments in an article tomorrow.  Stay tuned as I will post a link to his story here.  I will not steal his thunder, but suffice it to say Robby justified his actions in his mind…

UPDATE: April 14, 2010, 8:11 PM

Here is part 2 of the fall from grace series.   Tomorrow Clint and I will record our April podcast episode, and then I will be done with the subject for a long time!  (I hope).

UPDATE: April 15, 2010, 7:26 AM

Here is the article in the Dallas Morning News in which Robby Rose is interviewed.   It turns out he did it because he was tired of being picked on.  Can you believe this guy!??

UPDATE: April 20, 2010, 11:26 AM

We released Episode 5 of our podcast this morning. Half the podcast is discussion of the Robby Rose investigation and subsequent conviction.  Click here to listen.

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Vote! What do you think about Bass Resource?

February 5, 2010 4 comments

These are follow-up questions to the post about Bo being banned from the Bass Resource Forums.

Read more…

New Bass Species Could Create Dilemma for IGFA, Opportunity for Anglers

February 3, 2010 2 comments

Is Bryan Shishido's World Record Fish an Alabama Bass or Spotted Bass?

Is the current world record Spotted Bass really a Spotted Bass?

Yesterday I wrote about how the American Fisheries Society is expected to recognize the Alabama Bass as a distinct and unique species later in 2010.  This opens a can of worms in regard to the existing International Game Fish Associattion (IGFA) Spotted Bass record.

The existing record of 10 lbs o4 oz is held by Bryan Shishido.  The fish was caught 4/21/2001 from Pine Flat Lake in California and is recognized by the IGFA as the World Record for Spotted Bass, Micropterus punctulatus.   But is the fish really a Spotted Bass?

If California Department of Fish and Game stocked fish from the Mobile Basin, then that fish is probably an Alabama Bass, Micropterus henshalli.  It is widely believed that the California Department of Fish and Game introduced fish to Pine Flat Lake containing Mobile Basin genetics.

All that is left of the Mr. Sishido’s catch are photographs.  Because the Alabama Bass and the Spotted Bass look so similar, it will be difficult for biologists to definitively identify the species based on photographs.  Obviously, the fish is no longer available for genetic testing.

“Assuming genetic testing is the only way to tell the species apart, it could be problematic for the IGFA” says Jason Schratwieser, Conservation Director of the IGFA.

Read more…

Genetic Science Confirms that Alabama Bass are Distinct and Unique

February 2, 2010 6 comments

Note:  This is part 1 of a 2 part article on the “Alabama Spot” bass species.  Part 2 will cover how Alabama Spots will be targeted at the 2010 Bassmaster Classic on Lay Lake.

On the most recent episode of our podcast we spent a great amount of time discussing how spotted bass would factor in the 2010 Bassmaster Classic on Lay Lake.  Following that discussion, I did some research on the differences between the “Alabama Spot” and the “Kentucky Spot”.

What I discovered blew me away.  It turns out these fish are more different than most of us bass fishermen thought.  “They are not even related”, says Dr. Carol E. Johnston, Associate Professor of Ichthyology at Auburn University.

Read more…

The Armchair Anglers Podcast dissed on another show!

February 1, 2010 3 comments

No PR stunt here.  A podcast called “I Just Had a Terrible Thought” picked up our promo and proceeded to rip us on air.  You can listen to their episode here.  Be forewarned…their show is explicit.  I would compare it to Howard Stern.

The question is what, if anything, should we do about this?  Vote in our poll below.  And by the way…the tunes on our show are original Clint –including but not limited to his band Five Pound Test.

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Who has the best fishing? Vote in our polls…

December 10, 2009 Leave a comment

Robby Rose Cheating Scandal Update

November 20, 2009 2 comments

Local TV Coverage of Robby Rose Cheating Scandal

Much of the feedback (i.e. backlash) that we have received after our pilot episode has inquired about the current status of the Robby Rose cheating scandal. As of now we have not heard of any arrest or charges being pressed against Mr. Rose. It has been reported that the case is being investigated–but no specifics into the investigation have been released. There is a rumor that biologists are DNA testing the fish in question to determine if it came from Lake Ray Hubbard. Many have speculated that Mr. Rose’s MO was to catch fish from a different lake and somehow weigh them in at tournament waters that have a smaller average fish size. I am disappointed that there are no reports of Rose’s property being searched for further evidence. We will keep you updated. — Bo

12/10/2009 Update: This post is apparently the most popular post on our blog. Click here to hear a round table discussion about the Robby Rose scandal from a panel of fishing journalists.

01/13/2010 Update: In the month’s podcast we get an update on the investigation from Captain Garry Collins of TPWD.

4/14/2010 Update: I suggest clicking this link to find current information on the Robby Rose Cheating Scandal.


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