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The Armchair Anglers Podcast and The Armchair Anglers Blog is a hobby that is not run for profit–YET. If you are interested in advertising with us allow us to openly address what is immediately available, and what we are considering offering in the future.

IMMEDIATELY AVAILABLE – We are in the market for radio style commercials. We like to use entertaining commercials to break up the segments of the podcast. If you are a guest of the show we will gladly run a commercial for one of your sponsors free of charge. If you don’t have a radio style commercial readily available, our Audio Ninja Clint Jacobs can provide you a quote for producing one. We do not currently offer advertising on our blog.

SOON TO BE AVAILABLE – Assuming responses to the podcast continue to be positive, and assuming that the web traffic continues to grow on the blog, we are considering a major upgrade to our blog in the future.  Besides generally looking cooler, we will be able to offer online advertising including banners and product placement articles. We will initially sell advertising packages to three customers. These ground floor advertisers will consist of one tackle retailer, one tackle manufacturer, and one “other” category. There will be no product overlap with these three sponsors. They will have rotating banners on the new-and-improved blog, approximately 240 X 240 pixels. Although modest in size, the banners will be prominently displayed and not be diluted by other banners on the page. Coordinated with the banners will be a monthly radio-style commercial on the podcast. The package will cost $25 a month for these first three sponsors. Because your ad will not be diluted with many other ads on the site, we estimate the click through rate to be high. On a cost per thousand impressions basis, this is a steal of an offer. We obviously have no plans to quit our day jobs.

OTHER POSSIBILITIES: If you own a website or radio station and are interested in acquiring exclusive distribution rights to our podcast, we say bring on your offer. We would much rather leave the advertising to you.

Please note that The Armchair Anglers are committed to reporting accurate information regardless of who our sponsors are. (i.e. we will call a spade a spade–or Pearl Ayu as Peal Ayu as the case may be 😉 )

Please email advertising inquiries to .


Bo Crawford and Clint Jacobs

  1. April 8, 2011 at 4:33 pm

    Would love to have you guys link your blog in out new rss blog feed section. Let me know if you do and I will feature you in the homepage carousel for a week.

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