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Episode 8: Don Logan

Don Logan discusses the purchase of BASS

Don Logan discusses the purchase of BASS

Last week ESPN announced that it has agreed to sell BASS to a group of investors, namely: Don Logan, Jerry McKinnis, and Jim Copeland.  In Episode 8 of The Armchair Anglers Podcast, we sit down one-on-one with famous media executive Don Logan to discuss the pending BASS sale.

Also included in this episode are live phone lines, comments on the 2010 AOY race, and Clint reacts to Episode 7 being labeled an “Obama love fest”.


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  1. Ken
    August 12, 2010 at 7:33 am

    I’m a huge NY Giants fan and at first I thought the same thing about the BASS post season as you did. And I agree that Skeet choked, but isn’t the Classic already the Championship and the Angler of the Year the winner of the regular season?

    ps – Don’t touch my truck!

  2. August 12, 2010 at 9:08 am

    Astute observation Ken! But no — I have never liked the analogy of the Bassmaster Classic as the Superbowl of bass fishing. The Classic is the most prestigious bass fishing tournament in existence, but it does not crown the champion of an entire season…it only crowns the champion of that event.

    A big-ass event, but nevertheless just one event.

    I like the golf analogy…the Bassmaster Classic is a “major” tournament akin to The Masters at Augusta. The AOY is similar to the Fed Ex Cup, which is the AOY of golf.

    Missing from the world of bass fishing is something akin to the Ryder Cup. There are rumors spreading around that a FLW vs BASS might happen in the future. I only hope that it is a team tournament similar to the Ryder Cup.

    How cool would that be?

  3. Milton
    August 13, 2010 at 1:19 pm

    I enjoyed you last podcast it was rather refreshing.It was nice hearing your comment on the AOY race. I’m getting tired of hearing Skeet crying about lossing the AOY, he just didn’t get the job done and someone else did. If you look at it all Skeet had was four days of fishing to finish the deal, he had the lead going into the race. With all these chat room bashing KVD, he did what he needed to do to bring home the trophy and Skeet didn’t. Please stop the bitching and complaining, they all knew the rules before the season started. He just got beat by the best angler of all time, Skeet should have been an honored to have competed agains him and almost won the darn thing. To put Skeet Reese on the same level as KVD is ridiculous, Kevin’s been hot for a long time (20 plus years) not two or three.

    I enjoyed the post season, it did what BASS wanted to do and bring excitement. The was one of the best post season. To see Edwin and his brother-in-law was pretty cool. To see Cliff Pace and Gary Klein in the race was great.

    You guys have a great show keep up the great work

  4. Jeff Edwards
    August 18, 2010 at 7:57 pm

    I promised feedback on the discussion on the AOY postseason so here it is. I must respectfully disagree with your position on the postseason. I fully understand what your saying with the comparison to NFL or other sports but you said it yourself, fishing is not like watching other sports. The AOY is an elite title that rewards an angler for being the best for an entire season, it is not comparible to a Super Bowl title. The Bassmaster classic would be better geared towards what they are trying to do with the postseason. Instead of changing a title that means so much to the anglers, why not change the format of the classic to try and bring more spectator attention and create more suspense. Use a tweaked format of the postseason to create a more suspensful classic.

    1) Use the current years point standings to have an event the same year with the top points holders. Cut the number of anglers from approximately 50 down to 20 or so.

    2) Use the postseason format except tweak it a little bit. Have 4 days of events on four different bodies of water with a cumulative weight. Alabama would still be a prime place to hold the event, but switch it every year. With a field of twenty anglers you could still hold the events on smaller lesser known bodies of water that were close enough to each other in proximity to accomodate a 4 day, 4 different body of water event.

    This would allow the AOY title to hold its prestige, and allow the opportunity to have an event like the postseason to attract more spectators.

    I dont know how much everyone else likes the Classic situation now, but I am not a fan of it and feel that it could use something new. I personally dont like seeing it as the first tournament of the season on a body of water in full blown spawn. (This years was an exception to the last few years) I like a classic at the end of the regular season where anglers are faced with the challange of pressured fish and tough summer conditions. My favorite classic of all time was on the three rivers in pittsburgh, that was a test of skill (although watching weigh ins with 13″ fish may not attract more people), but myself and I am assuming other diehard fishing fans dont watch the tournaments because of the size of the fish at weigh ins, but of the level of competition and how they did it.

    I see everyones point of view and feel that there are strong points to all of them, this is my opinion.
    Thank you guys for the podcast keep doing what your doing, its good stuff.


    Be careful who’s vehicles you lay your hands on (and who’s wife for that matter).

    Jeff Edwards
    New York

  5. tiger6761
    August 31, 2010 at 6:29 pm

    I finally got caught up. Podcast is getting stronger every time. I have to agree that Skeet just flat out choked. Anytime you make a major change like this guys will say “well under the old system so and so would have won”. It is just life. Happened in Nascar, happened in Golf and I’m sure it happened back in the newly formed NFL.

    To Jeff’s point I would love to see them somehow tie the “playoffs” into the Classic. But I think Bo’s description of The Masters is accurate. The Classic will just be the biggest “Major” they have.

    On another note, Gerald Swindle looked like a complete idiot on the Bassmaster show. My grammar is bad, I’ll admit that. But OH MY GOD, that man does not need to be in front of a camera. If Gerald pays attention to this page tell him to drive to Corner/Warrior, find his English teacher and slap that woman square in the mouth.

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