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Post California AOY Standings Commentary

If Bradley Roy is this good at 19 years old, how good will he be in ten years? (Photo courtesy of Seigo Saito / BASS)

Below are the Elite Series AOY standings after the California swing as published on Bassmaster.com.  I have highlighted two items of interest.


Alabama anglers, both natives and imports, are highlighted in blue.  The top 36 in AOY standings at the end of the year qualify for the Bassmaster Classic.  Statistically, if Alabama anglers pull their weight, we should have 5.03 anglers represent the state at the 2011 Bassmaster Classic via the Elite Series.

Obviously, a fraction of an angler can’t qualify.  To translate this number into English, this means that if 4 Alabama anglers or less qualify for the Classic, our state has underperformed.  If 6 or more make the Classic, Alabama has done well.  5 qualifiers is par–meaning this is a satisfactory result but nothing to brag about.

Alabama currently has 4 anglers on pace to make the 2011 Bassmaster Classic via the Elite Series.


What is the prime age for a tournament bass angler?  This is a reoccurring topic on our podcast and on our last episode, Ken Duke from BASS pointed out that the oldest angler to ever win AOY was Roland Martin at age 45.

Sometimes the facts hurt.  I am uncomfortably close to the age of 45.  I just don’t have it in me to admit that my angling skills are about to start diminishing.  I’m not ready to surrender the limited fishing skills I have to old age.

I am a realist with most things in life, but on this subject I am taking a healthy dose of self-denial.  With this in mind, no one is happier than me than to see 70 year old Guy Eaker sit at #3 in the AOY standings.

Some might say that these standings are only after two tournaments.  But I remind you that in 2010, 25% of the regular season is already over.

The other interesting age related story is Bradley Roy sitting at #16 in the standings.  Bradley Roy is the ripe old age of 19.

What about all that “experience counts” stuff you keep talking about Bo?

I have no explanation.  Everything I know about fishing tells me that this guy should have gotten smoked.

True Story: When I was 19, I was driving across country to California.  It was a three day trek and I slept two nights along the way.  The motels I stopped at had big signs at the front desk proclaiming that you had to be 21 years old to rent a room.  I guess they were tired of their rooms getting trashed by college kids–I don’t know for sure.  This was quite the dilemma for a tired kid in need of a few hours shut eye.

Luckily a simple solution was at hand for me.  My fake ID turned out to be good for more than just buying beer.  But I digress…

My point is that young rookies have certain disadvantages that the experienced veterans don’t have to contend with.  It all falls under the heading of “paying your dues”.  A rookie shouldn’t expect to compete with the big dogs right out of the gates.

I’ve always thought that a reasonable goal for a rookie making the quantum leap to the Elites is to have a three year plan.  Year 1) Place in the top 83 so you can live to fish again another day.  Year 2) Try to make a couple of Top 10s and show your sponsors you can provide them valuable exposure.  Year 3) Qualify for the Bassmaster Classic.

Now here comes Bradley Roy…on pace to finish the three year plan in year one.

If Bradley qualifies for the Classic in year one at 19 years old, how good is he going to be in year 10 at 29 years old?

2010 Golden State Shootout - Lakeport, CA Pro Points
After Clear Lake, Lakeport, Calif.  Ending 03-21-2010, Day 4
Place  Name               St            Pts
  1 Skeet Reese           Calif.        575
  2 Greg Hackney          La.           538
  3 Guy Eaker             N.C.          517
  4 Bill Lowen            Ohio          516
  5 Michael Iaconelli     N.J.          510
  6 Denny Brauer          Mo.           493
  7 James Niggemeyer      Texas         487
  8 Dave Wolak            N.C.          483
  9 Greg Vinson           Ala.          478
 10 Shaw Grigsby          Fla.          471
 11 Gary Klein            Texas         462
 12 Edwin Evers           Okla.         454
 13 Jeff Kriet            Okla.         452
 13 Brian Snowden         Mo.           452
 15 Matt Herren           Ala.          445
 16 Bradley Roy           Ky.           443
 17 Pat Golden            N.C.          442
 18 Derek Remitz          Ala.          441
 19 Dean Rojas            Ariz.         440
 20 Stephen Browning      Ark.          439
 21 John Crews            Va.           436
 21 Kevin Wirth           Ky.           436
 23 Byron Velvick         Texas         431
 24 Clark Reehm           Ark.          428
 25 Mark Davis            Ark.          418
 26 Zell Rowland          Texas         415
 26 Jared Lintner         Calif.        415
 28 Todd Faircloth        Texas         410
 29 Kotaro Kiriyama       Ala.          408
 29 Bradley Hallman       Okla.         408
 31 Kelly Jordon          Texas         406
 32 Scott Rook            Ark.          404
 32 Grant Goldbeck        Md.           404
 34 Terry Butcher         Okla.         401
 35 Matt Greenblatt       Fla.          400
 36 Peter Thliveros       Fla.          396
 37 Randy Howell          Ala.          394
 37 Mike McClelland       Ark.          394
 39 Bobby Lane            Fla.          390
 39 Morizo Shimizu        Japan         390
 41 Tommy Biffle          Okla.         383
 42 Kevin VanDam          Mich.         374
 43 Dustin Wilks          N.C.          373
 44 Brent Chapman         Kan.          370
 44 Billy McCaghren       Ark.          370
 46 Jami Fralick          S.D.          368
 46 Cliff Pace            Miss.         368
 46 Alton Jones           Texas         368
 49 Mark Tucker           Mo.           366
 49 Aaron Martens         Ala.          366
 51 Casey Ashley          S.C.          364
 52 Boyd Duckett          Ala.          363
 53 Steve Kennedy         Ala.          360
 54 Russ Lane             Ala.          356
 55 Rick Clunn            Mo.           353
 56 J Todd Tucker         Ga.           344
 57 Jason Quinn           S.C.          342
 58 Marty Stone           N.C.          340
 59 Gerald Swindle        Ala.          338
 60 Kevin Short           Ark.          336
 61 Takahiro Omori        Texas         334
 62 Vince Fulks           Okla.         332
 63 Paul Elias            Miss.         330
 64 Jeff Connella         La.           324
 65 Dennis Tietje         La.           316
 66 Cliff Crochet         La.           306
 67 Ish Monroe            Calif.        302
 68 John Murray           Ariz.         300
 69 David Smith           Okla.         296
 69 Terry Scroggins       Fla.          296
 71 Chad Griffin          Texas         292
 72 Pete Ponds            Miss.         290
 73 Timmy Horton          Ala.          286
 74 Matt Reed             Texas         284
 75 Bernie Schultz        Fla.          282
 76 Mark Tyler            Okla.         278
 77 Rick Morris           Va.           276
 77 Mark Menendez         Ky.           276
 79 Kenyon Hill           Okla.         272
 80 Wade Grooms           S.C.          270
 81 Marty Robinson        S.C.          266
 82 Davy Hite             S.C.          264
 83 Charlie Hartley       Ohio          258
 83 Mark Burgess          Mass.         258
 85 Yusuke Miyazaki       Texas         254
 86 Jason Williamson      S.C.          248
 87 Scott Ashmore         Okla.         242
 88 Fred Roumbanis        Okla.         240
 89 Britt Myers           S.C.          234
 90 Chris Lane            Ala.          216
 91 Byron Haseotes        Mass.         208
 92 Jeremy Starks         W.Va.         198
 93 Keith Poche           Ala.          185

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