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Lure Chat with Brent Ehrler

Brent Ehrler used these lures to win 125 k at Table Rock. (Photo courtesy of Brett Carlson, FLW Outdoors)

BassFan and Inside Line posted excellent articles covering Brent Ehrler’s recent FLW Tour victory at Table Rock Lake.  Brent’s successful tackle and tactics are covered, including the specific lures he used—namely; the 5-inch Single Tail Grub and Swimming Senko made by Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits, and the Pointer 100 DD and RC 2.5 DD made by Lucky Craft.

As many of you are aware, the person lucky enough to win our FLW Fantasy Fishing League will win some of these lures courtesy of the good folks at Tackle Experts.  It occurred to me that our readers might find it useful to get some helpful information on how to use these lures.

What follows is an interview I had with Brent as he was making his long commute back to California.

Bo Crawford (bocraw): I’m looking at this picture Rob Newell took of the lures on your deck. Was the grub the lure you caught the most numbers on?

Brent Ehrler (Ehrler): Yep-the grub is what I caught the good majority of the fish on that I weighed in. Each day a higher percentage of the fish came on the grub. The bigger fish I weighed in all week came on the Lucky Craft stuff. I had a 6 ½ on the jerkbait on the second day. On the third day of the tournament I caught a 5 ½ on the crankbait

bocraw: Would you consider a grub a “throwback” lure, or is it a consistent performer that never went away?

Ehrler: It is a consistent performer. It doesn’t get a lot of attention, but at Table Rock it is common to catch them swimming a grub like that. They consistently do that every year there at Table Rock. It might seem like bait that isn’t used very much and doesn’t get much hype–but it definitely does have its days.

bocraw: Do you use the grub on other lakes?

Some oldies but goodies combined with some Sharpie magic. (Photo courtesy of Rob Newell, FLW Outdoors)

Ehrler: I use it a little bit out West. At Table Rock I was throwing it out deeper, fishing in the 10 to 15 foot zone catching suspended fish. At home I just cast up on the bank and start winding it like you would a crankbait.

bocraw: It seems like I remember reading that Gary Yamamoto also uses a grub in crankbait-type situations…

Ehrler: It is definitely a good calm day bait. For instance, in this tournament when it was windy I threw the crankbait and jerkbait, and when it was calm I threw the grub. So it is important to keep an eye on the weather. If the wind stops and they quit biting your crankbait or jerkbait, there is a good chance that they will bite a grub.

bocraw: I find it interesting that in the Classic, Mike Iaconelli used a grub to catch a 6 lber while fishing in stained water over coontail grass. Then Bass Times publishes an article, which was almost certainly written before the Classic, in which Tim Horton and Casey Ashley praise the grub. And now you win a FLW Tour Tournament using a grub in a totally different kind of lake. The grub seems to be making a comeback.

Ehrler: There are so many different applications where you can use it…you can fish shallow, fish deep, fish it on the bottom, wind it through suspended fish…it is just an extremely versatile lure.

bocraw: Excellent advice on the grub! Did you fish the Swimming Senko the exact same way?

Ehrler: I did everything exactly the same with the Swimming Senko. I just wanted to show them something a little different so the fish in the area wouldn’t become conditioned to the same bait. By changing up I was able to get a couple of extra bites.

bocraw: Tell me about the jerkbait.

Ehrler: I was throwing the Pointer 100DD. There were a couple of reasons why I threw it; 1) I hadn’t caught a lot of fish on the jerkbait in practice. I spoke with Joe Thomas about what was going on and he told me he was catching them on a 100 DD. That gave me a lot of confidence in that bait. 2) It made sense. We were there earlier than normal and the fish were deeper. The fish were also getting heavily pressured, and seeing a lot of jerkbaits go over their heads. The 100 DD gets down deeper than any other jerkbait. The jerkbait that got down in their face more was the better call.

Photo courtesy of Brett Carlson, FLW Outdoors.

bocraw: The textbook says you are supposed to pause the jerkbait as long as possible this time of year. Did I read correctly that you didn’t pause it that long?

Ehrler: I fished it slow but not that slow. The way guys fish jerkbaits there is they will let it pause 30 seconds between jerks–it will take them ten minutes to finish a cast. I was fishing it slow, but I wasn’t pausing it near as long as those guys. I was counting to 3 or 5 between twitches instead of 30.

Bocraw: As I look at the picture of your jerkbait, it looks like you took a sharpie to the pearl wakasagi color.

Ehrler: Yes. There was a shad die-off out there. So I drew a little shad dot on there and put a little red on the gills. That is all I did to change it up.

bocraw: Did you literally use a Sharpie to do that?

Ehrler: Yep–I just used regular Sharpies–a black pen and a red pen.

Bocraw: Tell me the story with the crankbait…

Ehrler: I didn’t pull the crankbait out until the third day. Like the Swimming Senko, I was just looking to show them something a little different. I knew that the RC 2.5 DD went down to that 10’ to 12’ zone and I thought they would hit it. So the following morning I went out and started with the Swimming Senko and caught three on that. I had forgotten about the crankbait until I had the third keeper.   I looked down on the deck and saw that crankbait and thought, “I need to throw that right now”.  I picked it up and on my 2nd cast I caught a 5 ½. (Note: Brent all but clinched the tournament with that fish).

bocraw: This is not hypothetical…If our fantasy fishing winner could only have one of the Lucky Craft lures, should it be the Pointer 100 DD or the RC 2.5 DD? *

Ehrler: If they can only have one, the Pointer. No question.

bocraw: Are there any other tips we should know about when it comes to fishing these lures?

Ehrler: You know, I’ve been using Lucky Craft Rods for six years now and they are awesome. We really have them dialed-in for specific baits…for that big crankbait, we have a rod designed for big crankbaits. For the jerkbait, we have a rod designed specifically for throwing jerkbaits. I think these technique specific rods have really helped increase my success.

Thanks to Brent Ehrler for taking the time to teach us Armchair Anglers a thing or two. We hope to have more “Lure Chats” like this as the 2010 season progresses.

*Note: For our contest, we have a $30 retail value ceiling per event. Therefore, the RC 2.5 and Pointer 100 DD cannot both be included for this tournament. The tackle donated to the FLW Prize Pack will be; 1 package 5-inch Yamamoto grubs (002-smoke color), 1 package 4-inch Yamamoto Swimming Senko (306, natural shad color), and 1 Lucky Craft Pointer DD (pearl wakasagi color).

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  1. Jeff Edwards
    March 10, 2010 at 8:35 pm

    Thats a nice looking prize pack so far, I’ve got my sights set on it.

  1. June 9, 2011 at 11:09 pm

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