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Update to Favorite TV List

Lunkerville features the neighborly and genuine personality of Mike D.

For a change we had some beautiful weather here in Alabama over the weekend.  Unfortunately, I had parental obligations that prevented me from getting out on the lake.  The best I could do to quell my fishing thirst was to catch up on some fishing shows that have filled my DVR for quite some time.  What else was an Armchair Angler supposed to do?

After my weekend of armchair angling, I updated my Favorite TV list.  Here is a summary of the changes:

Day On The Lake is no longer on the list.  This was a cool show and would probably still be on the list if they were making new episodes.  But the show is not so good that it will remain on the list post mortem.   The Scott Martin Challenge was also booted off the list.  This show is still worth watching, it just didn’t make the Top 10 cut.

New additions are Fish PAA and Lunkerville, both found on WFN.

Fish PAA features top named pros fishing out of their own boats.  For example, the episode I saw this weekend had Shaw Grigsby and Bernie Schultz fishing a Florida lake.  It was timely as they were fishing pre spawn conditions that anglers will see right now on Florida lakes.  I enjoy seeing top pros fish out of the same boat, and I enjoy the candid conversations.

Lunkerville stars “Mike D”, who seems to be a regular guy that had the guts to make a fishing show.  Since starting this

Fish PAA frequently features top pros fishing together.

blog and podcast, I have new respect for people who lay their personalities out for the whole world to see.  Mike D comes across as genuine, and Lunkerville helped me survive my cabin fever filled weekend.

Once again, the trend of me liking TV shows that don’t come across as infomercials proves true.

The original intent of the Favorite TV list was to be a reoccurring topic that is discussed on the podcast.  The way it is working out, there are so many more interesting topics to talk about, it is likely to be quite some time before this list gets any air time on our podcast again.

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