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Final Thoughts on the Classic


As mentioned on episode three of our podcast, The Armchair Anglers will not be providing updates for the Bassmaster Classic.  Our commentary will return next week.  For immediate coverage I refer you to our blogroll down the right hand column, and of course Bassmaster.com .


Last night I ( Bo ), attended the Bass Fishing Hall of Fame Induction Banquet.  That event exceeded my expectations.  I was surprised by the number of Classic Competitors who took the time to attend on the eve of their final Classic practice.  It was great to see them show respect for the industry pioneers that came before them.


With the cold water temps,  fast current,  and muddy water, Lay Lake might fish smaller than usual even with this small field.  This is going to be hard on the spectators as well as the anglers.  No matter how frustrating the current is, I challenge my fellow Alabamians to be courteous to these Classic Competitors and give them the space they need to do their jobs.

Basically, there are some short pockets and creeks that you will not be able to follow them in to without effecting their fishing.  You will have to watch someone else or wait in the mouth for them to return.


I will be curious to see which anglers argue over the Wilsonville Steam Plant first.  I hope the Elites leave that area for one of the Federation anglers.  I hope the Federation anglers are able to hold their ground and don’t get bullied by the more seasoned pros.  It is something to keep an eye on.

Everyone have fun!

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